Myretex Engineering and Fabrication Authorised distributor for Zircotec products in Ireland.
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Myretex Engineering and Fabrication Authorised distributor for Zircotec products in Ireland.

ZircoFlex® is our flexible ceramic heat shield material. This material is used throughout motorsport and is increasingly being used by the wider automotive sector. It offers a number of benefits for performance road car and track day applications. It offers superb thermal barrier performance at minimal weight and minimal thickness. The material is produced as thin aluminium backed foil that is:

  • Offers up to 85% temperature reduction
  • Flexible – ZircoFlex® is easily bent and manipulated to suit different geometries
  • Lightweight – ZircoFlex® I weighs only 0.46kg/m2
  • Extremely thin – at 0.25mm overall
  • Metal backed – The material is robust and easy to handle.
  • Easily installed – can be cut and installed by hand or machine.
  • Easily fixed in place – Using mechanical fasteners or high temperature adhesives
  • ZircoFlex® is available in a number of formats:

ZircoFlex® Iis a single thickness flexible ceramic heatshield. The material offers superb thermal barrier performance it weighs 0.46kg/m2 and is 0.25mm thick, only needing minimal installation space. The heatshield has an aluminium backing making git robust but malleable. ZircoFlex I has a multitude of applications and is supplied to various motorsports including F1. Offers up to 64% temperature reduction.

ZircoFlex® I comes is available in four sizes; mini roll, A4 (297 X 210mm), Half Sheet (450 X 550mm) and Full Sheet (900 X 550mm)..

ZircoFlex® II is an engineered double thickness ZircoFlex® format that offers additional thermal barrier performance and more rigidity compared to ZircoFlex® I material but can is still capable of the same levels of flexibility. ZircoFlex II weighs 1kg/m2 and is 0.5mm thick. Offers up to 77% temperature reduction

ZircoFlex® III – a flexible triple thickness ceramic heatshield that offers yet more thermal performance coupled with significant rigidity when compared to the original ZircoFlex® I material. It is still flexible and can be manipulated to suit different geometries. It weighs 1.5kg/m2 and is 0.85mm thick. Offers up to 85% temperature reduction

ZircoFlex® II and ZircoFlex® III are available in three different sizes; A4 (297 X 210mm), Half Sheet (450 X 550mm) and Full Sheet (900 X 550mm).


Benefits over traditional heat shields include:

• High performance with minimal weight and thickness, to help meet stringent weight and efficiency targets. ZircoFlex® I only weighs 0.46kg/m2 with a thickness of just 0.25mm.

• Ease of fitment line-side, with a thin aluminium-backed and ceramic foil that is easily cut and folded to shape, by hand or machine. The metal construction allows the use of mechanical fasteners or high-temperature adhesives and can also be supplied with self- adhesive backing, good for up to 500°C.

• A guaranteed supply line for high-volume orders, with a proven track record supplying the worldwide motorsport industry.

• Effective protection of engine bay components, bodywork and vulnerable electrics from engine and exhaust heat.

• Reduced heat soak to the cabin to reduce reliance on heavy heat insulation materials and improve passenger comfort.

• Fuel tank protection that is easily fitted to complex structures with sharp bend radiua and where there is a minimal package space.

• Thermal insulation of silencer and catalyst units to protect bodywork, hydraulics and other vulnerable components.

• Ready to use – avoids lengthy design processes, which is particularly beneficial for testing and prototyping purposes.

  Heat-resistant Structural Shielding.

Zircoflex FORM is a more rigid stainless steel heatshield combined with Zircotec’s proven ceramic coating protection. This offers the strength and rigidity to create heatshields, boxes and bulkheads. It can solve multiple heat issues including both reflective and conductive heat sources due to its black and gold surface treatments.

It has been tested at 900degC (hot side) and has been recorded to have a temperature reduction of up to 88% when used as an offset shield.


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